My Beauty Routine

I am all about a beauty on a budget.  ... using good products without breaking the bank and MAKING IT WORK.

I have finally mastered my beauty/make-up routine, for everyday wear, using lower end products from the drug store and Sephora.  Here are the details :) *click all photos to enlarge* (IF you dare, hehehe)

I use Aveeno Clear Complexion foaming cleanser to wash my face.  This cleans deeply, without drying my skin.  It's a foam which I love, so the bottle lasts a long time.  I usually rub the cleanser in and let it 'sit' while I am in the shower, rinsing it off right before I get out.

Here is my fresh face, just washed.

After my face is squeaky clean, I use NIVEA Creme to moisturize.  I find that this gives me perfectly soft, well hydrated skin.  Especially in the winter.  The NIVEA Creme also acts as a 'primer' or base for my powder.


Next up is the Powder.  I use Kiss New York, Pressed Powder, which is very affordable at about $10 at the beauty supply or drug store.  I am lucky enough to only need 'light' coverage and I rarely need touch-ups.  Because it is a "Powder of Mineral", my skin harmlessly absorbs the powder as the day goes on, giving me a natural glow.  After trying quite a few, much more expensive powders, this is hands down the best!

I use "Creamy Cocoa" :)

Powder'ed up.

Next step is mascara.  Lash Blast is my favorite.  I love how fat the handle is and how close-together the bristles are on the brush. I go for a more natural look during the day, sometimes even wearing dark brown mascara.  I normally use about 3 coats.  When I am going out at night, I pump it up by putting on maybe 6 coats of blackest black.

About 3 coats.

Eyeliner is next.  I keep it simple and use the old fashioned pencil that needs to be sharpened.  For my everyday look, I just apply the pencil along the inside of my bottom lid.  For an evening look, I apply a dark line right on the line of my eyelid.

After the eyeliner on my lower lid.

Next up is bronzer, which also doubles as blush.  I use FLIRT! which is a line of cosmetics sold at Kohl's.
The color I love is "Sweet Desire", which is a rich true bronze color with shimmers of pinky-peach.

I apply the bronzer on my cheeks while smiling. :)

Freshly bronzed. :)

For my everyday look, I simply use a champagne/taupe/chocolate combination eye shadow.  I like the Revlon Color Stay.  It lasts all day and it's so silky smooth.

I apply the lighter color right below my eyebrow on the brow bone, as a highlighter. 

The taupe goes on the lid and the chocolate along the crease.

Eyes done!

The last step is deciding on a lip gloss to wear and take along for touch-ups.  I like the shimmery pink-y, nude-ish colors.

Today, I went with this one.  Sinful Colors Creamsicle Cream.  This is fabulously CHEAP lip gloss.  The price is ridiculously low at $3.00. Which is why I have 5 of the Creamsicle Cream, which is my favorite color.  

The finished product :)

And just for fun ~ my absolute favorite perfume in the entire world. YSL Parisienne.  Seriously the most delicious scent you will ever smell... it's soft and pretty, feminine and sensual.  It smells like soft flowers and a cupcake all at the same time.  LOVE IT!

  What is your favorite fragrance?  

Thanks for reading! ♥

I hope you enjoyed it. :)  This entire routine takes me about 10 minutes in the morning.  When I am going out with the girls or on a date with my hubby, I tack on about 10 extra minutes for a smoky, cat eye or to play with bright, shimmery eye shadows.  I will post the details the next time I am getting dolled up for a night out.

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