Wild Child in the City

September 7, 2010

{Leopard Booties ~ UrbanOG / Trouser Jeans ~ Torrid  / T-Shirt ~ Target / White Denim Cropped Jacket ~ Ralph Lauren / Vintage Chain Belt (worn as necklace) / HUGE Earrings from Street Vendor / Vintage and Thrifted Bracelets}

I have always wanted to try the leopard bootie trend. And I knew this fall would be perfect for it. I did NOT, however, want to spend hundreds of dollars trying this look, since I knew I would not get as much wear out of leopard printed booties as I would my other plain or "classic" boots. 

These leopard booties from UrbanOG are perfect. And surprisingly comfy.

I officially have more animal print in my wardrobe than I care to admit, from scarves, to tops...belts... and now shoes. I just ADORE anything wildly splattered - cheetah or leopard, especially.

I can't wait to debut an amazing leopard duster that I found while thrifting. It's my favorite animal printed piece that I own. :)

Are you wild enough to try animal printed boots?? :)


  1. those are super cute! and yes, I'm totally wild/bold enough to try the look....not conservative in the least lol.


  2. so fresh! i love crisp white shirts and dark denim. and a lil splash of cheetah? muy bueno. totally Haute fit girl! :o)

    p.s. i might just have to use you as inspiration for a future outfit!

  3. You are so beautiful and you have great style. I love the entire fit!!!

  4. Wow! You look great and of course the booties are HOT!

  5. FABULOUS!! I am dying to try this leopard boot trend!! You look great girl! :)

  6. AH-MAZINGGGG!!! Those boots are to die for! LOL

  7. Girl! It's impossible to rank your greatest fits, but this one's near the tippity top for me. I adore the crispness of white juxtaposed with a well-fittin' dark trouser jean, and THEN you went and set it off with gold and the booties. Stellar.

    I'm not exactly agog about animal print, but that's mostly because I've typically seen it when it was too, too much on one person, but the booties are a divine and exceptional find :)

  8. Cute boots. I would try it, and like you, wouldn't spend a whole lot on a pair since I wouldn't wear them that much.


  9. YOU

    i love it!

    and like you, i have a LOT of animal print in my closet! i wear it tastefully, i PROMISE!

  10. Cute as always. Love the white on white. Love the boots...and your rings look like mine...lol.


  11. I love leopard booties for fall.. you look great. Glad I found your blog!:)

  12. I so need a white jacket like that!!! You look great, classic and chic!

  13. I love the booties and the white denim jacket, very cute!

  14. oooh!! I love this, those jeans are too cute and I love the entire outfit, work it out mama!! <3

  15. I want to think I'm brave enough to try the animal print booties since they are sooo cute! Love your accessories too.

  16. I suck coz I only appear to be able to think of one joke and one joke alone...

    Why did the plane crash into the house????


  17. I just saw some Pour La Victoire leopard booties in a magazine that I crave. Yours are pretty similar. I love animal print as an accessory.

    To me an animal print is a neutral. I wear it with polka dots sometimes and plan on putting it with plaid in a subtle way.

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